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Credits ‚Äč

It's nice (and sometimes required) to give credits to the libraries you used and the people who spent time translating your app.

compiled_license bundles the licenses of all the shards you install that can then be accessed by running ./my_app --licenses.

For thanking translators, I've written a tiny script that you can use in a macro:


# Prints all translators (thanks!).


translations_dir =
translations = translations_dir.children.reject! { |x| x == !x.ends_with?(".po") }

thanks = Hash(String, Array(String)).new

regex = {
  "lang"        => /\n\"Language\: ?(.+)\\n\"\n/,
  "translators" => /# ?(.+) \<.+\>, [0-9]{4}.?\n/,

translations.each do |translation|
  translation_path = Path[TRANSLATION_DIR_NAME].join(translation)
  next unless File.file?(translation_path)
  translation_content =

  lang = translation_content.scan(regex["lang"])[0]?.try &.[1]?
  translators = translation_content.scan(regex["translators"])

  translators.each do |t_md|
    t_name = t_md[1]?
    next if t_name.nil?
    thanks[t_name] = [] of String unless thanks.has_key?(t_name)
    thanks[t_name] << lang.upcase unless lang.nil?

thanks = thanks.to_a.sort! { |a, b| a.first <=> b.first }.to_h { |k, v| v.sort! }

thanks_block = [] of String

thanks.each do |k, v|
  thanks_block << "#{k} (#{v.join(", ")})"

puts thanks_block.join("\n")

It goes through all .po files, collects the languages each translator contributed to and prints them in the format of "NAME (LANGS)".

Using macros, you can then run it in compile-time and assign the output to a variable:

THANKS = {{run("../../data/scripts/thank_translators").stringify}}

Released under a Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal License